Sunday, March 11, 2012

Raw: Day 19


Black Sesame Milk Smoothie

This was my first time making seed milk, or any milk for that matter. (I've been using store-bought Almond Milk.)

Using the black sesame seeds for this smoothie seems expensive, so the nutrients better be worth the price tag! I added an extra frozen banana because the first result was too watery for my taste. Sesame milk has a distinct taste. I prefer almond milk.


Cauliflower Couscous with Corn Chowder.

Cauliflower Couscous - Zesty

The grocery store only had colored cauliflower, so I used a violet one.

Wow! This stuff was super spicy! It must have been the turmeric and cayenne. I love hot food, but I haven't had anything very spicy in the past few weeks. The recipe originally called for 2 cups/half head of cauliflower, but I ended up using the whole head to mellow the intense flavor. I liked this one!

Corn Chowder:
I was hoping for something a little creamier. I substituted pecans for walnuts so that could have affected the consistency. I used one ear of corn, but two would have been better. Also, next time I will cut back on the water. I did like this recipe though. I just wished I would have halved it because I will be eating it all week!

Adventures in Almond Milk:

My first trial in making homemade almond milk! It's very good, but so much easier to buy it. :) (Cheating, I know.) I do like that I can use the almond pulp to make almond flour.

Orange Almond Macaroons

Yum! These are great. However, next time I will omit the pine nuts and only use cashews in the "batter." The pine nuts are too savory for my taste in dessert.

I dipped some of them in Cacao Bliss!

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