Sunday, March 4, 2012

Raw: Day 10

Wow! Crazy busy weekend and no time to update.

Friday's Breakfast: Orange Chia Seed Porridge

The texture was just like tapioca! The chia seeds turned a little translucent and set up in 20 minutes. Next time, I will leave out the orange zest. It was way too intense and all I could think about was eating pesticides after I read a post on a blog about how much pesticide is on oranges (including organic), even after thorough washing.

Next, I'm onto strawberry chia!

Leftover Lettuce Wraps and Thai Coleslaw Salad. I even got super creative and put the Coleslaw Salad in the wraps! Double yum!

Hmmm...Did I eat dinner? Oh, the last of the leftover Thai Coleslaw Salad. And a Chocolate Walnut Cookie/Brownie blob.

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