Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Raw: Day 7

Day 7

Breakfast: Pear Strawberry Spinach Smoothie, GoRaw Apple Cinnamon Granola

Despite its looks (complementary colors make brown kids!), this smoothie was actually very tasty. I felt very healthy getting all those Spinach vitamins! I'll make this one again.

Lunch: Chile Relleno (other half leftover from yesterday), chocolate pudding

Snack: Homemade Key Lime Pie LaraBar. Yummmmmm...

Dinner: Thick and Heavy Asparagus Soup

I'm renaming this Thick and Heavy Avocado Soup. This tasted like glorified smooth guacamole with oregano and rosemary. Heavy on the avocado and light on the asparagus, the consistency was very thick. I added quite a bit of water to thin it down. The recipe said it served 4, but thankfully it will only serve 2. Maybe I needed to add even more water. This was decent, but I'm not in any hurry to make this again. I have eaten 4 avocados in the last 6 days, which is more than I usually eat in months. I like them alright, but I can't stomach eating another one for a long while, unless they're blended into chocolate pudding. :)

After-dinner drink: Cacao Powder in Almond Milk. I was too lazy to use the blender again (I'm getting tired of washing it), so I attempted to mix it with a spoon. It obviously didn't fully dissolve, but I didn't mind!

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